New MMORPG Scars of Honor lets players decide everything

New MMORPG Scars of Honor lets players decide everything

The new free-to-play MMORPG Scars of Honor wants to put the community at the center of development. The developers at Beast Burst Entertainment also promise to be the first “real” free MMORPG.

What is Scars of Honor? The game will be a classic open-world MMORPG, which focuses on the interactions between the players. The developers plan to have the following content on board for the release:

  • 2 factions, 8 races and 8 classes
  • Procedurally generated dungeons and raids with constantly new mechanics and content
  • Player Housing and various professions
  • Guild Wars, Arenas and Open World PvP
  • Bounty hunting mechanic that lets you put bounties on other players
  • No items that bring a playful advantage for real money

Why is that so exciting? Scars of Honor is still in the very early stages of development right now, and that is exactly what is good for you. The developers emphasize several times how much they value the feedback from the community.

Every new update and every new mechanic is presented and discussed in the forum and on Discord. The developers promise that every suggestion will be read. So you already have the opportunity to help shape basic game mechanics at no cost.

For example, the players demanded Open-World PvP in the forum, which the developers hadn’t actually planned. Now there will also be open-world PvP in the game. To get back at players who are just too strong for you, you can put a bounty on people who killed you. Other players then actually get your gold for chasing and killing the nasty player.

In this video, the developers explain more about the content and motivations behind the game:

The community as the center of development

What is the approach of the developers? In an interview with the YouTuber imPansy, the CEO of Beast Burst Entertainment explains why the community is so important to the team (via YouTube). He himself has been an MMORPG player for 15 years and knows first hand how annoying it is when developers ignore player feedback.

Not only in the development of new mechanics and game content, but also in the game itself, the focus is on the interaction between the players. “You play the MMORPG to do cool things with a lot of people.” As a solo player, Scars of Honor will probably not be your game.

So that this interaction is also possible smoothly, Scars of Honor should completely dispense with all Pay2Win content. Every player should be allowed to play for free and not have any disadvantages compared to other players. In order to guarantee this, the developers want to publish the game themselves at any price and thus not be fooled into monetization.

What does the interaction look like in the game? Since we have not yet seen any finished game scenes, we have to rely on the statements of the developers here. Accordingly, there should be three main aspects in the game:

  • PvP: In addition to open world PvP and arenas, it will mainly be about guild wars. As a guild you will be able to conquer nodes in the world and then have to defend your castle against attacking guilds. If you trust yourself, you can even keep several castles occupied at the same time.
  • PvE: In procedurally generated dungeons and raids, you should have to play together in a group in order to master the ever new mechanics and enemy types of the generated dungeons.
  • Professions: If fighting is not for you, you can pursue one of the professions in the game and then sell your products to other players. This should be done in your house. So you buy a shop with an actual address in a specific city and then run it.

When is the game coming? Scars of Honor is definitely still in its infancy. So far there has been a single alpha test in which there was no content except running and chatting. If you want to be part of the next tests, you can create a supporter account and get access accordingly (via Scars of Honor).

So there is still a lot to do for the eight-person team behind Scars of Honor. So there is no way we can expect the game in the next few years.

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