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New MMORPG RISE Online: old-school gameplay and chic graphics

With RISE Online, a new MMORPG has started beta that should play like an old classic with chic graphics. It will be the spiritual successor to Knight Online, an MMORPG that is particularly popular in Eastern Europe and Turkey. Thanks to blockchain technology, however, you should be able to earn bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

What kind of game is this? RISE Online is a classic theme park MMORPG. It will be Free2Play and basically doesn’t do anything different in gameplay than its predecessor Knight Online.

  • You create your heroes from the classes warrior, magician, thief and priest
  • NPCs give out quests that you then have to do
  • You have to fight monsters to get better items and experience points
  • There are different dungeons and a crafting system
  • PvP takes place in special areas. Here two warring kingdoms fight each other
  • There are different mounts and pets
  • You can join a guild

However, RISE Online relies on Unreal Engine 4 and more modern graphics. There will also be an integration with the blockchain technology so that you can earn real money in the game.

How does that work with making money? The new MMORPG relies on NFTs and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin:

  • There will be the Roco tokens. These are dropped by all monsters and items can be traded with them in a special NFT marketplace.
  • With a little luck, players should get special drops in the form of Roco, but also Bitcoin, Ethereum or Avax if they defeat one of the big bosses.

RISE Online wants to appeal to old-school fans at the same time, but also to attract new players with cryptocurrencies.

Closed beta has already started

How to participate: The closed beta for RISE Online started on October 29th. You can register on the official website of the MMORPG Rise Online and, with a bit of luck, get a place in the beta.

There is no guaranteed access, for example via pre-order packages or similar things.

The developers promise that the number of testers will be steadily increased so that even players who register late have a good chance of taking the tests.

By the way, you shouldn’t confuse RISE Online with the new MMORPG RISE. The latter takes place in a dark fantasy world reminiscent of The Witcher.

Can you already earn money in the closed beta? No. The auction house should already be available for this, but it will only be activated with the official release. In addition, there should be bugs and some balance problems in the closed beta.

Will the progress from the beta carry over into the final game? No, you can only earn special titles (Beta Tester and Bug Hunter) if you complete certain tasks during the beta.

When does Rise Online come out? The release was originally planned for 2020 and has been postponed to the end of 2021. However, there is no official release date yet. The supported languages ​​are only English and Turkish for the time being.

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