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New MMORPG on Steam wants to be perfect for solo players

You want to play a new MMORPG but don’t necessarily want to put money down for New World and Co.? And actually you prefer to play alone anyway, but the opportunity to play with others is cool? Then Mist Legacy (PC) is for you.

What is Mist Legacy? The MMORPG entered Early Access on October 5th and has been available on Steam since then. It earns over 70% positive reviews, but also solid criticisms.

Mist Legacy moves the RPG of MMORPG to the fore and is in many respects a classic role-playing game that is reminiscent of Dungeons and Dragons. The game is played from the top-down perspective and if you don’t feel like having other players, you can rally NPCs around you.

The fights are turn-based and have no classes at all. Similar to New World, it relies on a classless character system in which you get better at the things you do regularly.

The game puts a lot of focus on an exciting crafting system in which you can basically create anything from anything and there are no ready-made blueprints for objects. The world itself also plays a big role in Mist Legacy, because you have different skills depending on where you are.

What are the core features? Mist Legacy relies on a number of core features, many of which are aimed at solo players.

  • A story that guides you through the MMORPG
  • A classless character system where you level what you do
  • Turn-based battles where you can play with friends and NPCs
  • Areas with effects so that you get different bonuses when you are in cities, in forests or in other weather
  • Housing system with gameplay influence
  • Various PvE content like dungeons and bosses
  • RPG in the focus of the MMORPG

How does it play? The MMORPG gives you the freedom to be mostly alone and is therefore perfect for solo players. For all fights you can always call your NPC supporters for help and are therefore not dependent on other players or friends.

So you can just play Mist Legacy as a single-player RPG if you don’t feel like other people. Nevertheless, you can always use the trading post, where players can offer and buy their found and crafted things.

How does the crafting work? When it comes to crafting, Mist Legacy delivers an exciting concept, because you can basically make any item from any item. There are no set recipes or blueprints for items.

You can experiment a lot more with what comes out when you swap the wood for metal in a chair, for example. There are always ways to optimize your crafting and use different materials to make better items.

How are the fights going? The fights in Mist Legacy are turn-based and you always step three in the ring. You can take two other players with you or your NPC colleagues, who are always ready.

As far as the combat system is concerned, five specializations are waiting for you, which you can level up and thus become better. You can then assign appropriate specializations to your NPCs and thus set up an effective team of three, which is up to any danger.

What does RPG focus mean? Mist Legacy is an RPG at heart, but actually in every other “part of the body” too. You will look in vain for action elements, as they are known in many MMORPGs. There are no jumping, evading, climbing or similar maneuvers.

If your hero has something to do, there is a skill in the game that is related to it and in which he can improve. This offers a lot of leeway to customize your own character exactly how you want him to be.

Community is excited, but has one major point of criticism.

What is the mood? The Steam ratings of Mist Legacy is currently largely positive at 117 ratings. So most players are so far taken by the MMORPG for solo players.

However, there are points of criticism when it comes to Pay2Win. As with many Free2Play titles, Mist Legacy also offers an in-game shop where you can buy items for real money. With the offered items you can save yourself a lot of waiting time and buy experience bonuses, for example. Some fans have a problem with that.

The game is still in Early Access, so there are some problems with the servers and you get thrown out every now and then. But that’s not a problem and the developers have already confirmed that they are working on it. Yes, the cash shop is there and the only way to fix items is to spend about 2 cents. But why should you do that? It is easier to simply make the item again. The game is really a lot of fun, especially as a solo experience.

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