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New MMORPG Mir4 – release in August 2021 for Steam, iOS and Android

The upcoming MMORPG Mir4 had strong download numbers in Korea in 2020. Now the colorful online role-playing game is also coming onto the market in the West. The game will be available for Steam and mobile devices with iOS and Android in August 2021.

What is Mir4? Mir4 is a new MMORPG coming here in the West. It is based on the “Legend of Mir” series that is popular in Korea and takes place in a fantasy world. However, it is not inspired by European medieval and Tolkien fantasy, but clearly follows the theme and aesthetics of Asian fantasy epics and martial arts romance.

So if you like the setting of games like Swords of Legend or Blade & Soul, then Mir4 is certainly a game that you should check out.

The developers are We Take, who are also behind the Viking MMORPG Odin: Walhalla Rising.

When does MIR4 appear? Anyone who is interested in MIR4 when reading the information from the previous paragraph will be even more excited: MIR4 will appear in a total of 170 countries and in 12 languages ​​on August 26, 2021.

What platforms will the game come on? MIR4 will appear on Windows, Steam, but also on iOS and Android. You can already preload the game on the respective platforms and app shops.

How was the game received in Korea? Mir4 was released in South Korea in November 2020 and was a big hit. At times it was the most downloaded game in the app stores at the time. The developers even had to adjust the number of servers to the onslaught.

What are the special features? Mir4 has impressive Asia-style graphics and offers other interesting features, including:

  • An action-packed and dynamic combat system
  • An open world to explore
  • Four different classes, namely the warrior, magician, Taoist and the lancer
  • There are PvP battles, including skirmishes for loot after tough boss fights and fortress sieges with mass battles
  • You can legally sell essential game currency to other players using blockchain technology
  • As in kung fu films and corresponding anime series, you can move dynamically and run along walls or perform spectacular jumps.
  • An automatic translation function allows you to chat with players from all over the world without any problems.

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