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New MMORPG Fractured starts alpha test in 3 days

The MMORPG Fractured was a complete success on Kickstarter and has been in development for several years. The next alpha test phase has now been announced and it will start on September 22nd.

What is Fractured? This is a sandbox MMORPG that takes place on three different worlds. Each of these worlds is home to its own people:

  • Beastmen
  • people
  • Demons

You can choose from one of these races and decide whether you only want to do PvE (beastmen), want to experience PvE with controlled PvP (humans) or fully rely on PvP (demons).

In these worlds you decide for yourself how you play and develop your character. You take part in building cities and can then take part in battles and sieges on the PvP worlds. Or you become a craftsman or an adventurer. The MMORPG is reminiscent of the classic Ultima Online.

Ultima Online was published in 1997 and even today has a loyal fan base. Another developer is now working on the online role-playing game, but patches and updates are still being released on a regular basis. The gameplay of a gigantic sandbox still speaks to players today: people can do almost anything in Ultima Online, in addition to warriors, players can simply be fishermen or blacksmiths.

Just last week there was a new spotlight video for Fractured that introduces you to the attributes and the marketplace.

Alpha test starts in 3 days – who can be there? When exactly does it start? The alpha test starts on September 22nd and runs until October 13th. During this time, participants can try out a wide range of Fractured content.

These are the innovations:

  • Over 40 new skills
  • Dynamic world events
  • New interesting places
  • Over 20 new monsters
  • Treasure chests and lockpicking
  • A revision of equipment and player attributes
  • Big improvements to the marketplace
  • A new message box

But there should be more innovations in the alpha. The Alpha is not subject to any NDA, so players can record and stream as much as they want.

Who can take part in the Alpha? The Alpha is only available to buyers of certain Founder’s
Packs. You need at least the Fractured Master Pack (via Fractured Store). The Master Pack currently contains the full game, access to the alpha tests and other goodies. Beta tests will follow later, for which you only need the standard pack. If you have such a pack, you don’t have to pay attention to anything else. On September 22nd you will get access to the server, no key or similar is required. If you meet the requirements, you can download the alpha from the website.

However, the alpha is limited in time. It runs until October 13th.

Can the progress be kept? No. After the alpha is over, the servers will be closed and the progress will be deleted.

When should the game actually be finished? So far there is no official release date. According to the current status (September 19), Fractured should still be released in 2021.

So far, however, it cannot be pre-ordered on Steam, but can only be added to the wish list. It remains to be seen whether the release will happen this year. For example, there has not yet been an announcement for the beta.

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