New MMORPG Elyon will be released for PC in September

New MMORPG Elyon will be released for PC in September

The MMORPG Elyon has finally announced its release date. Unlike originally planned, the new MMORPG will not appear in the 4th quarter of 2021, but at the end of September. So it comes earlier than expected.

When does Elyon appear? The MMORPG from Korea will be released on Wednesday, September 29, 2021. However, if you want, you can get started 3 days earlier with certain pre-order packages.

What pre-order packages are there? Elyon becomes a Buy2Play MMORPG. So you have to pay once for access:

– Those who order the basic game in advance get access 24 hours in advance
– If you want, you can upgrade the basic game to an Expansion Pack. This allows access to the game 48 hours in advance and brings additional inventory, bank and character slots, as well as real money currency
– The Expedition Pack can also be purchased as an upgrade to the basic game. This package gives additional bonuses including 72 hour early access.

You can find the packages on the official website (via Elyon).

Will there be a beta before the release? Yes, the Closed Beta 2 should take place in August. If you want, you can register for it now. All pre-orderers also get guaranteed access to the beta.

Will Elyon Pay2Win? Just a few days ago, the Elyon developers shared a video about the shop. It announced that some Pay2Win content had been removed from Korea. Depending on the definition, the MMORPG is still not completely free of such content.

The new MMORPG comes from the makers of TERA

What is Elyon anyway? Elyon will be a theme park MMORPG with a focus on PvP. At the start you have the choice of 6 different classes that quest in an open world and experience a story. In the course of the game you will unlock various dungeons, housing and PvP content.

From around level 30, PvP is added in the open world, which is not optional. Already when creating your character you join one of two factions and from level 30 you can be killed while playing and doing quests.

A highlight, however, is the skill system, which allows you to adapt every skill to your play style. Elyon also promises exciting and action-packed battles, many rankings and big realm-vs-realm battles in PvP.

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