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New MMORPG Elyon starts the last beta before the release

The MMORPG Elyon starts its second closed beta on August 18, 2021. This is the last test before the release in September. So if you still want to try the game, then you should take the chance.

What is Elyon? Elyon is the new MMORPG from the Korean development team Bluehole Studio. They also developed TERA and PUBG. After being reworked several times, it is now an action-heavy game that doesn’t rely on grind. Meanwhile, the development team even says that they do a lot better than TERA and other MMORPGs.

In Elyon, the two factions Vulpin and Ontari fight against each other in a steampunk setting with airships and mechs for control of the portal “Elyon”. That is supposed to take you to paradise. The game offers dungeons and raids in PvE and should convince in PvP with huge “Realm vs. Realm” battles.

How long is the beta running? The closed beta starts today on August 18 and runs until August 23. This is your last chance to try the game for free. The beta is not under NDA, so the game can be streamed. At the beginning there will be 3 servers in each of the regions Europe and North America. If the rush is very large, the development team has already announced that they can add 2 more servers.

How can I participate in the beta? The application phase for the beta is over, but you can still take part in the test in two detours: If you pre-order the game, you will automatically get access to the closed beta test. You can pre-order Elyon via the official website or via the Elyon Steam page. As soon as the test is running, you can dust off access via Twitch drops. Elyon and Twitch have started a cooperation for this purpose. All you have to do is watch a channel on Twitch on which the Elyon drops are active and get beta access after an hour.

Do I keep my character after the beta? No, the characters and all progress made with them will be deleted after the beta test. So all players have to start all over again for the release.

What’s in the beta? The available content of the beta test should be closer to that of the Korean version. So you don’t just play the same content as in the first beta. The new content includes:

  • The new class “Slayer”
  • German, English, French and Spanish localization
  • Special beta events
  • A new content around the dimension portals
  • Changed skills and balancing
  • Access to the cash shop and free “Rubies”, which are the shop’s currency

Access to the cash shop is particularly interesting, as this was the focus of the community recently after the cash shop for Europe was presented. The development team had last deleted a Pay2Win feature that was available in the Korean shop. This made it possible to improve the equipment for real money.

However, there is still content in the shop that can be an unfair advantage if you don’t want to spend any money yourself. In particular, there should be a variety of improvements in the shop, such as more inventory spaces, but also companions that can support you in combat. This ensures that players remain skeptical about how much Pay2Win remains a factor in Elyon.

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