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New MMORPG Elyon postpones release

The upcoming MMORPG Elyon was supposed to be released on September 29th, but has now surprisingly been postponed. In addition to a new release date, the game is also getting a new business model, because Buy2Play is now to become Free2Play.

What happened? In a tweet, the developers of Elyon announced that they would change the business model of the MMORPG. The game that you had to buy before is now Free2Play. The developers also need more time to adapt the systems to the changes. Elyon will now be released on October 20th instead of September 29th as planned.

Why the delay? According to the developers, it took more time to adapt the game’s systems to the new business model. However, the shop should not be greatly affected by this, as the studio confirms on their website. They still do not want to rely on Pay2Win and do not plan to rethink or revise this approach.

The developers also emphasize that this would also give more time to implement certain quality-of-life improvements and to fix more bugs that came to light in the closed beta.

What happens to the pre-orderers? The various pre-order packages remain almost identical for the time being. Instead of access to Elyon, you now get 2,000 rubies, which are the real money currency of the MMORPG.

If you are not satisfied with this, you can contact support and request a refund of the purchase price. The developers promise that these requests will be approved and processed as quickly as possible.

All other items in the pre-order packs will remain the same. The head start of the various packages has been extended, so all packages can now play 72 hours earlier, which was previously only included in the largest package. So if you’ve pre-ordered Elyon, you can get started on October 17th, no matter which package you bought.

What else is happening? In order to make all adjustments, all Elyon packages will disappear from the shop by September 28th and will only be put online again afterwards. According to the developer, there should not be another beta.

But there should be events and live streams with the developers where they want to show you more of Elyon and invite you to see the current status of the game. You shouldn’t be able to play the whole thing until the release on October 20th.

What do you think of the postponement? Do you give Elyon a chance as a Free2Play title? Are you maybe even happy about the postponement and the distance it creates from the release of top competitor New World?

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