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New MMORPG Bless Unleashed has a top start on Steam

The Korean action MMORPG Bless Unleashed recently launched on Steam. As in the previous betas, the number of players went through the roof again and the developers could not contain the onslaught at all. Here you can find out what has been done and what the mood is for the launch.

What is Bless Unleashed? Bless Unleashed Star Seeds is a new Free2Play MMORPG set in the same world as the failed Bless. The only thing the games have in common with the predecessor is the name and the world, the new game plays a lot faster.

The special features of the game include:

  • Action-packed combat system
  • Crisp dungeon bosses that appear right from the start
  • Tough world bosses

How did the start go? Bless Unleashed already celebrated considerable success in the beta and attracted over 44,000 players to the server from May 13th to 17th. That was again well outdone at the release. Not even one day after the release (as of August 7, 2021 at 1:50 p.m.) the numbers are even more powerful: According to Steam-DB, there are currently 56,083 players on the servers.

For comparison: The other major Steam MMORPGs had fewer players in the 24-hour period at the time of this news:

  • ESO had 21,551 players
  • FF14 is also just behind Bless Unleashed with its 52,417 players
  • Black Desert Online had 22,833 players

How is the game received by the community? However, if you look at the ratings of the game, they are in a strange relationship to the number of players. Because only 46 percent of the 916 most recent reviews are positive. But that is partly due to the fact that there were server problems and lags at the launch due to the huge onslaught. That messed up the fun for many players, after all, the game depends on dynamic action battles. Therefore the developers apologized, took new servers online and offered all players a colorful ostrich mount and other goodies as compensation.

But apart from the criticism of the server problems, there are other negative voices:

  • The in-game shop is very expensive and one suspects Pay2Win in the end-game, as some things give the players advantages in the game.
  • Ironically, the dynamic gameplay is criticized by some players. It feels awkward and awkward at times.
  • The UI does not come off well in various reviews either, because it is based too much on the console.
On the other hand, many players praise the following aspects of the game:
  • The game’s graphics and style are recognized
  • The dynamic combat system with the action elements is well received by many players
  • The epic boss fights and dungeons also earn a lot of praise

The action combat system in particular is repeatedly described as an outstanding factor in Bless Unleashed, as the developers recently revealed to us in an interview.

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