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New MMORPG BitCraft – alpha registration now open

With BitCraft, a new game has been introduced that describes itself as a “new type of MMORPG”. It combines elements from survival games, RPGs as well as building and strategy games. BitCraft visually exudes decent Zelda vibes.

What kind of MMORPG is that? The sandbox MMORPG BitCraft comes from the Californian indie studio Clockwork Labs. The development team released the first trailer on September 16.

In BitCraft you start out as a being inspired by a mystical power, which has yet to acquire all of its abilities – virtually naked. You play together with others in a single, big world that is constantly changing and with which you can interact. There are no individual servers.

This world is procedurally generated and should be big enough that you can build entire cities and “global centers of trade” from your villages. Even politics should play a role, since every city also needs a leader.

In terms of appearance, BitCraft is a bit reminiscent of Breath of the Wild or the new Tribes of Midgard, mixed with some elements from the survival hit Valheim.

What features does the game offer? According to the studio, BitCraft wants to focus more on collaboration than on combat and thus has a strong focus on the PvE aspect of the game. You can find in BitCraft:

  • Skills such as farming, fishing, mining and forestry, all of which you can improve
  • Cities and fortresses that you build and manage yourself together with other players
  • The “wilderness” outside your village, where you will find rare materials and ruins full of “lost technology”

As a sandbox game, BitCraft lets you choose how you want to proceed. You can hire yourself as a hunter and gatherer, build the city together with friends and strangers or explore the world as a courageous explorer.

Cities should even be able to unite to form huge empires that stretch across continents and oceans. However, we do not yet know what the combat system will look like and how important it will be. PvP battles are not planned for the moment, but neither are they excluded.

How can I participate? The registration for the Pre-Alpha of BitCraft is already running. You can sign up for it on the official BitCraft website. If you fill out a small survey, you increase your chances of being selected for the test.

BitCraft offers crossplay, although no other platforms are specifically known except for the PC. A release date is also still open. BitCraft is an indie game, but that doesn’t have to be a disadvantage.

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