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New looter shooter Project Magnum looks like Outriders with chic graphics

Nexon has presented the new loot shooter under the working title “Project Magnum” in a trailer. The scenes are very reminiscent of the loot shooter Outriders or even Destiny 2, but they look a lot nicer.

What kind of game is this? In addition to the trailer, there is also a short description of the game, which at least gives a rough impression. The trailer also shows a mixture of cut scenes and gameplay scenes that look quite good. There is a lot of action, fights and some opponents to see. There are also a few parallels to the Outriders.

When should Project Magnum appear? So far there is no release date for the loot shooter. So far it has only been said that exact details will follow at a later date.

For which platforms is the game released? Project Magnum is slated to be released on PC and PS5. No other platforms were named.

Who is behind Project Magnum? Behind the game is the developer studio NAT Games, which belongs to Nexon. The South Korean publisher is known, for example, for the F2P game MapleStory, which recently attracted negative attention and had to contend with allegations of fraud.

What are the similarities to Outriders? First of all, Outriders is also a loot shooter that is played from a third-person perspective. But there are more similarities: Project Magnum also seems to rely on a mixture of science fiction and fantasy in the setting.

Just like Outriders, there will probably be a pure PvE game. At least there is no mention of PvP in the video description.

What are the differences? But Project Magnum also has a few things that set it apart from Outriders and that, taken together, could make a huge difference: while a maximum of three players can go on a loot hunt together in Outriders, up to four players will probably be possible here. In Project Magnum, players are much more agile. For example, there is a kind of grappling hook with which you can pull yourself towards larger opponents and protrusions. There also seem to be thick melee weapons.

It is currently too early to draw any big conclusions from the trailer. For example, we don’t yet know how Project Magnum’s loot system is supposed to work. It is also not clear how much of the scenes shown are scripted and how much freedom of movement the players actually have.

Is there a story? The trailer at least conveys a kind of framework story. A strange, large and black ball can be seen in the trailer, which is staged as a kind of threat.

In addition, you can see larger, destroyed ruins and different locations, which suggest a gloomy setting. It remains to be seen how exactly it all fits together.

The fantasy share should therefore be significantly larger than was the case in Outriders. At least this is indicated by the design of some of the opponents shown. A lot is shown, from hostile drone robots to absurd monsters.

Some other comparisons are also made under the initial reactions to the trailer. Some see similarities to other shooters like Lost Planet 2, Titanfall or Gears of War. Some even compare the art style to Final Fantasy. Ultimately, it remains to be seen how everything will come together in the game.

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