New hero gameplay&Free Weekend in For Honor

New hero gameplay;Free Weekend in For Honor

The Division 2 publisher – Ubisoft has released a video for the upcoming update 2.0 for For Honor, which will add a new hero to the game – Kyoshin. This is a mystical samurai wielding a hidden blade, whose elegance and skill will terrify anyone on the battlefield.

This patch will be released on July 22nd and will be accompanied by a bundle that includes a new hero Kyoshin, elite armor, an exclusive helmet part and more. Starting August 5, players will be able to unlock the Kyoshin hero for 15,000 steel in-game.

There’s also a free weekend from July 15th to 18th, where you can try out For Honor’s gameplay ahead of the new 2.0 update.

For Honor is an extremely fast-paced and entertaining team-based action game about the battles of medieval knights, released in 2017. The player can plunge into the story company or go to battle with other players. Moreover, knights, Vikings and samurai are available for the game, which allows you to choose a character for your fighting style.

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