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New hardcore MMORPG starts beta in September

The successor to the most unfair MMORPG of all time will start its last beta in September before early access.

What is Mortal Online 2? The MMORPG is the successor to the 11 year old Mortal Online. Mortal is a full PvP and full loot sandbox MMORPG. That means you can do pretty much anything in the world. Explore, build, kill and be killed.

Mortal Online 2 also takes on this hardcore mechanic. You are vulnerable anywhere in the world, and when you die, your killer can take whatever you carry with you. The fights should not be decided by equipment or level, but purely by your skill. The better fighter should win.

However, Mortal Online 2 has changed some subtleties in order to at least partially avoid the reputation of the unfair game. If you now kill other players who do not defend themselves for no reason, you will be marked as a murderer and you will have various penalties in your game world.

But it should also be a little fairer for the murderers, because you can no longer save your loot by suddenly logging out. When you finish the game, your character stays in the world for a while and is vulnerable. You are only safe in your own homes and inns.

What’s in gameplay? In Mortal Online 2 you can expect exactly what you imagine a hardcore sandbox MMORPG to be. The focus is on realism in combat and PvP. You can also expect the following features:

  • A first-person action combat system
  • Levels without a level, because although there is no player level, you will rise in over 600 skills if you use them more often
  • Crafting and free trade
  • Close and long-range combat and even magic and fighting on horseback should be possible
  • If you kill an enemy, you can take everything he has with you

When can you play? Mortal Online 2 will start in Early Access on October 26th. Similar to World of Warcraft, it then relies on Buy2Play and Pay2Play principles. So you have to buy the game and then pay for it monthly. But there shouldn’t be any Pay2Win elements for this.

When does the beta take place? In the period from September 6th to September 12th, the last closed beta of Mortal Online 2 will run before the start of the Early Access program via Steam. The beta is perfect for everyone who wants to see for free how nasty the game actually is to you, or whether you’re nasty enough to take everything away from others.

How do you participate? On the one hand, you can easily register for the closed beta via the Steam page of Mortal Online 2, but this does not guarantee you a safe place in the beta.

On the other hand, you can register directly via the Mortal Online homepage. Registration here is not free, however. If you have created an account on the site, you have to find the right package under “Donations” and pay the requested amount. Did you do that, but you will get a safe place in the beta.

What can you expect in the beta? In the closed beta in September, the entire world of “Nave” awaits you. There will be no limits as far as exploration goes. The latest updates such as equipment for your animal or magical spells are also available in the beta.

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