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New Halo Infinite playtests reveal insanely funny bugs

The next playtests for Halo Infinite have recently started and with these some damn weird bugs have come to light. The players enjoy themselves royally over spawning warning signs or crazy melee attacks.

What kind of test is that? It is a technical playtest for the upcoming multiplayer shooter Halo Infinite, which will be released at the end of the year. Selected participants can take part in such test phases at certain times and try out part of the game.

This weekend it’s that time again and some players were able to throw themselves into the fray again. There were also some bugs.

While bugs are often annoying and uncomfortable, a few bugs from the beta are damn funny and create bizarre situations. We’ll show you some examples that the community will be delighted with.

Grenade + warning signs = infinite warning signs? What’s that bug? Some players have noticed that a strange bug occurs when throwing an electric grenade at the warning signs that warn of freshly mopped floors. Somehow it happens that more and more warning signs spawn upon contact with the grenade. And it looks like it happens every time. The warning signs aren’t the only thing that seems a little crazy.

Melee power level over 9000. What’s that bug? The user CraftZ49 shows a standing-off with another player. At first everything is calm, but suddenly he takes his counterpart by surprise with a wave of frenzied melee attacks.

He literally knocks on the player as if he were a raw Viennese Schnitzel. Or as if this had done something very bad to him.

Apparently, the bug lets players perform an infinite number of melee attacks in one go. Not only is this pretty overpowered, but it also looks pretty crazy.

Connoisseurs of books such as NegNog say: “John in the books” and allude to the fact that many Halo books make the Master Chief and the Spartans appear much more powerful than the games.

Alt-of-Frenzius says: “I hope we can adjust the speed of the melee attacks in the custom matches. Imagine rounds all about pain and flying fists like it’s a bar fight. ”

So far, apart from these amusing mistakes, no major problems seem to have arisen. At least these bugs caused some laughs.

When will Halo Infinite be released? The multiplayer shooter will be released on December 8, 2021 as a Free2Play title.

If you want to play the Halo Infinite campaign, you either need the Game Pass or you have to pay the full price. Until then, there should be more play tests.

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