New gameplay video and details of Dying Light 2

New gameplay video and details of Dying Light 2

Techland introduced a new gameplay video Dying Light 2. Leading gamer Timon Smektala also said that monsters in Dying Light 2 are actually infected people – all in the world the game is infected. Avoiding sunlight and without using serum, anyone can turn into a monster. During the day, players do not have to be very afraid of monsters, because the sunlight will be protected, but buildings, for example, will still be a problem where we can face very powerful enemies. Infected may appear during the day, but they are slightly slower under the influence of sunlight.

Also, the developers answered frequently asked questions of fans and told how the influence of choice affects the multiplayer mode. Dawid Lubryka, director of animation Dying Light 2, said:

“The host accepts all solutions. Thus, you can observe how his world changes as a result of choice, and you can compare this result with your own world. All options and their consequences remain at the host – they do not affect your single campaign, but you can save the entire progress of the player and all the prey you have found. “

Another interesting aspect that has touched upon the team is TheĀ Renegades, another faction that they did not speak so much. The developers reported that theĀ Renegades are the former military faction. They are very and very ruthless. They actually never wanted to cooperate with any other fractions in the process of restoring the city. They are very cruel and greedy, their actions and presence are inhuman. They are hated for the fact that they conducted the first bombing of the city with the use of chemicals, although people believed that they came to protect.

Dying Light 2 is planned to release December 7 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC.

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