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New game for Ghost Recon has already been postponed

As soon as Ghost Recon: Frontline has been announced, the start of the beta has already been postponed. Ubisoft announces this after just under a week.

What happened? After the announcement on October 5th, Ghost Recon: Frontline has now been officially postponed. Originally, the spin-off for Ghost Recon: Breakpoint and Wildlands was supposed to start the first closed beta tomorrow, October 14th.

But in the afternoon Ubisoft announced that the planned beta phases had to be postponed.

What is the reason? Details are not known. Ubisoft states on Twitter that they wanted to offer “the best possible experience” and will soon share new details about the beta.

What could the postponement be all about? This is currently difficult to say as there is no precise explanation. In any case, it seems strange that the shooter, which is said to have been in development for 3 years, is postponing the beta so soon after its official launch.

It may be a reaction to feedback from players who didn’t do well with the game. However, technical problems that were identified shortly before the start would also be possible.

Ghost Recon: Frontline didn’t go down well with fans

What is Ghost Recon Frontline? This is a Battle Royale game in the Ghost Recon setting of the Tom Clancy universe. It is supposed to be a Free2Play game and, according to the developer, has been in development at Ubisoft Bucharest for three years.

Several teams, consisting of three players, fight for valuable information and should escape in the end.

In order to set themselves apart from competitors like Warzone and Apex Legends, the developers have selected a few special features, but the target group is already very poor at the first trailer.

How are the reactions from the community? The reactions to the first Reveal trailer for Frontline were terrible. The video has over 17,000 dislikes on YouTube with only around 4900 likes (as of October 13, 2021). Numerous fans complain that they would have liked a classic offshoot of the shooter series.

What are the special features? Ghost Recon Frontline offers a game mode with 102 players who land in a maximum of 34 teams of three players each on the Drakemoor Island map. There they are supposed to find valuable information and then escape again.

In Frontlines, the hunt for information takes the place of the usual death zones in BR games. When a team has gathered enough information, the extraction is initiated and a very loud and clearly visible helicopter is ready to pick up a team. Then it is important to show up there in good time and not be caught off guard by another team.

This mechanic is somewhat reminiscent of the popular shooter Hunt: Showdown, in which everything can get very tight again at the end. There will also be three classes for your soldiers, a scout, an assault and a supporter. You can change these classes at any time in the game. You should also be able to design the classes freely.

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