Square Enix reveals new figures from NieR Automata and NieR Replicant

Square Enix has revealed two new figures based on the game NieR Automata and NieR Replicant. The figures are expected to go on sale in January 2022. In the case of 2B, both standard and 2P figures will appear.

Both figures NieR Automata 2B and 2P Color 2B are made in the same pose. Each of them is also armed with the Beastlord two-handed sword. An identical stand is included with each of them. They are expected to be around seven inches tall. Both figures will cost $ 49.99 at launch, although pre-orders are temporarily $ 44.99.

A more detailed look at figure 2B:

And here is a picture of the 2B 2P Color Ver:

As for the NieR Replicant figure, as with the two 2Bs, it is priced at $ 49.99. He is holding a Kusanagi in his hands, and the height of the figure will be about eight inches.

All figures are scheduled for delivery in January 2022.

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