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New expansion to LOTRO brings iconic location

A big new expansion to Lord of the Rings Online, Fate of Gundabad, will be released today. New content of the extension had already gone live, but a large part of the new content is coming today.

What is the Fate of Gundabad? The new expansion for the MMORPG Lord of the Rings Online is called Fate of Gundabad and is out today. It brings a lot of new content and is thematically about the dwarfs.

The most important new features include the following:

  • A new class (which has already appeared)
  • Improved system for legendary items (also already in the game)
  • Increase the maximum level to 140
  • 5 new regions
  • Missions for characters from level 20
  • The possibility of entering into an alliance with the Zhélruka dwarves
  • New story content revolving around the Gundabad dwarves

Standing Stone Games today published a new launch trailer to match the release, which focuses on the history of the addon. Not only dwarves but also dragons are waiting for you there.

Get Gundabad back

What is enlargement about? The Fate of Gundabad is literally in your hands. The expansion represents the climax of the story of Durin’s heirs and sends you to the icy mountains of Gundabad. This was overrun by goblins and other monsters and you should make sure that it falls back into the hands of the dwarves forever.

On your way you have to face dangerous opponents like Gorgar the Merciless and even the dragon Hrímil Frostheart, who awaits you in the final battle of Gundabad.

What new content will be added? The 5 new regions around Gundabad are filled with new PvE content, quests, instances and raids. You can earn 98 new trait points and turn off new opponents. The new areas and instances include the Lake of Dusterting, the Citadel of Máttugard and the ruins of Spaltkluft. So there is a lot of variety.

There will also be new missions that characters can experience at any point between level 20 and 140.

What’s next? In addition, the contents of Fate of Gundabad are not yet complete. A reward path system, similar to the one from Guild Wars 2, is to follow for legendary items.

But we don’t yet know exactly what that looks like. However, enthusiastic PvE players should have to deal with the new content in Gundabad for a while.

What do you think of the expansion? Have you already got your Fate from Gundabad or are you still waiting for the first reviews? Are you happy that the story of Lord of the Rings Online continues?

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