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New events in Star Wars The Old Republic.

Very good news for fans of Star Wars The Old Republic. The game team has planned a bunch of events for October with all sorts of rewards just for you.

One of these events is the Relics of the Gree and it takes place from 6 to 13 October. But in order to participate in this event, you must be at least level 50. The task for you will be that you will be assigned to check the disputed territory of Ilum and find out exactly what the purpose of the gray secant is. To get started, check out the game News terminal at Carrick station or the Valken space dock. Rewards that you can earn include:

  • Gree Digitization Cube
  • Gray Spiral Weapons
  • Reputation in the Gris enclave
  • L1-l defender, L1-I scout, and miniature grey secant mini Pets
  • Blue sphere, Blue sphere and red sphere vehicles

The second event will be the festival of prosperity, which will take place from October 20 to November 10. for this event, you will need to be at least level 20. At the moment, a Banquet is being held and every week a new story mission will take place in order to advance the overall story. Some awards:

  • Festive outfit and hat for preparing for the holiday
  • Mount For Transportation Of The Festive Ingredients
  • Hairless mud horn and earth Terb mini-Pets
  • Feel the groove and toast of emotions
  • Overflowing backpack and food launcher toys

By the way, reported that finally Rakghoul Resurgence returns to Tatooine and will work from October 20 to 27.. To do this, you must be at least level 25. Also some rewards:

  • reputation with thorn
  • Ruthless seeker armor set
  • Thorn Epicenter and dark vector armor sets
  • Weapons Response To Outbreaks
  • Alliance Contact – Dr. Lokin
  • Varactyl infected and infected Dewback mounts
  • Ferocious mini-Pets Rakghoul

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