New Escort Havana Map reached to Overwatch and available on PC and PS4

overwatch escort havana map

Another Overwatch map has released, which is the setting of Overwatch’s Storm Rising story mode and has debuted in there. Now it’s playable on PC and PS4. Get ready to explore the heart of Cuba!

Escort Havana Map

The map has dozens colorful buildings that players can enter while progressing before they finish payload’s trip at the Havana Sea Fort. Go and see Taller de Sebastián, a place where cars from Havana’s noisy streets stop for refueling and repair. See the Don Rumbotico rum distillery, a small local attraction that has later become globally noted. Fight bad guys, which mess with you on your journey. Lead the jalopy through the distillery to its stop at the Havana Sea Fort, a historical marker recently bought by some company and closed to visitors.

Now watch a trailer below and have fun!

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