New blog post from Elder Scrolls Online devs: prepare for necromancy!

New blog post from Elder Scrolls Online developers: prepare for necromancy this summer!

Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr

The devs team of the Elder Scrolls Online published a new blog post on the game’s site, reviewing the new class called Necromancy that will reach us in the Elsweyr update somewhere this summer.

Leamon Tuttle

This post starts with a backstory from Leamon Tuttle, known as ESO’s new Loremaster. As he says, necromancy “has existed in Tamriel for a long time before the events of ESO, but despite its long history, the practice of necromancy is, broadly speaking, forbidden”.

Gameplay Details

Further the post dedicate us to details of gameplay elements, specific to necromancers, and which contain “a certain level of subtlety not found in the game’s other classes”. This class is more expanded than its three skill lines, it’s also related to the Justice system “bringing consequences for Tamriel’s would-be liches”.

“We felt it was important to intertwine necromancy and Justice for much the same reason we put Justice in the game in the first place,” says Ed Stark, the team’s lead content designer responsible for the Necromancer class and the Justice system. “Historically, necromancy has always been frowned-upon by Tamrielic society, and so, when some NPCs see an overtly necromantic act, they react with fear or aggression and report it for the crime it is.”

Devs say “No worries”

Although it may have negative aftermaths – to perform the necromancy in front of NPCs, developers assure us, that practicing will also be absorbing and joyful, “ensuring you’re not hunted down or penalized simply for playing”.

Watch the trailer below:

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