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ESO: New dungeons, achievements, and much more..

“We heard from players that they would like to get another level of difficulty in the dungeons to challenge themselves, considering the Sunspire and Kyne’s Aegis trials and how well they were received, we decided that this would be a good opportunity to do this in the dungeons as well.” this is what the developers wrote in the post, which means that something new is waiting for us soon.

For players, a secret laboratory will be created in the stone garden, which will contain a lot of difficult tasks, which will most likely include 3 boss battles, each of which will have its own mode. If you struggle – feel free to order some ESO Boosting Services. By the way, this is the first time in the game when hard mode will be activated on all bosses.

If anyone wants to know more, the stone garden is an abandoned Dwemer facility with dangerous secrets. Players in the new DLC Elder Scrolls Online will have to find their own way to the lab and stop the mad Arcasis with his next experiments.

Well, as always, there will be a new monster mask, which is called a stone husk, which will be combined for a heavy attack effect, which in turn will increase the damage from weapons.

Naturally, you will get a lot of rewards if you take on all these dangerous adventures and challenges. As always, there will be unique rewards, which will include equipment kits, a monster mask that was written above, and collectibles and achievements.

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