New Insider Details about Battlefield 6: alpha test in July and near future

Near future, World War III and alpha test in July: New Insider Details about Battlefield 6

Insider Tom Henderson continues to post on his blog details of the next installment in the Battlefield shooter series, which is due to be officially announced next month.

This time, the insider shared information about the key features of the game, confirming that the events of the project will unfold in the near future after Battlefield 4 and will show the “next world war”, where the main participants in the conflict will be the United States and Russia.

What else is known about the new Battlefield:

  • The setting of the near future;
  • Events take place after Battlefield 4;
  • “Next World War”;
  • USA vs Russia;
  • Players will act as an elite unit recruited by one of these super powers;
  • Multiplayer for 128 people;
  • Playable classes will receive unique perks.

At the same time, Henderson revealed plans to Electronic Arts to conduct technical alpha testing of the new Battlefield before its release. According to an insider, the alpha will take place in July and will be officially announced during EA Play Live 2021. It may be available as soon as the show ends.

The first cinematic trailer for the shooter was leaked online earlier this week, but Eurogamer confirmed shortly thereafter that the video was prepared for internal use only and will not be shown to the general public in June. Instead, the game is presented with another video.

Battlefield 6 will be released on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC before the end of this year.

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