New Crowfall update will change the death system

New Crowfall update will change the death system


Character death is a general thing in MMOs especially isf you hard content like ESO Trials. The presentation of death, the important part of any game that features PvP battles, which Crowfall is, and where groups of players are supposed to try to hold territory, will see some changes in this week update.

Before the update, if your HP total becomes zero, you, while bleeding out, have three ways: bleeding to death, being resurrected by your ally, or getting finished by a final blow from your rival. After that, you transform into a Spirit Crow and instantly move to the nearest Dragon Statue. And now you’ve got two choices: you can resurrect from the statue or fly back to the Cairn and resurrect there. The difference is you will take a greater hit to your equipment’s health with the first option, also a little damage with the second. No matter, which choice you make, you will go through a “death shroud” debuff that lasts three minutes.

The changes coming in 5.90 is about turning you in to a Spirit Crow part. Now, you’ll become a ghost bird right at your body and will have to fly to a Dragon Statue yourself; you can’t resurrect at your Cairn no more. If you don’t want to look for a resurrection point, you can use your Recall power to teleport instantly. Once you revive, your equipment will still be damaged a little and some of your inventory will be left at your Cairn to restore.

When you’re transformed in to a Spirit Crow, a new death counter will begin from the start, which preferably should be at the zero point by the time you fly yourself to a Dragon Statue. But successive deaths will add more time to this counter to reduce a trickling of players dashing back to the fight.


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