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New classes and content in Lost Ark.

As reported by the development team, new classes and content will appear in Lost Ark in early 2021. This information was received over the weekend. The developers shared some details about the classes and content. For example, that there are two classes, which one of them is the Shooter. The shooter is a female hunter who hunts devils, but with some unique skills and abilities.You can expect it on January 21.

The second class is a striker. Stryker is the male version of the master of combat. To date, there is very little information on this topic, but in March it will definitely be. A RAID called the Legion commander’s RAID. This RAID may not be new, but it will now be divided into six raids.

If we talk about a new continent, then this is South Bern and it will appear in the game at the end of this month.

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