New boss in Black Desert Mobile.

As you know for Black Desert Mobile Pearl Abyss announced the arrival of a new boss, as discussed, he will become a world-class Muskan. Quite an interesting name. By the way, in addition to the boss, a new class abyssal relic will be introduced, which will help players fight monsters, such as Muskan, but also new enemies that are not in a hurry to reveal.

The development team explained exactly what we can expect from the new boss. This enemy will have powerful AoE abilities and if you don’t want to die, you will have to Dodge, and he also has two gloves.You want to beat the boss?You will have to purchase a new class of abyssal relic, which is not easy to find in the area of ancient ruins.

It also became known about the reward for the boss, it is a pair of shoes or a few tokens. Actually, this release comes on the heels of a very huge update last month, but if you miss this boss, then believe me there are even worse bosses, such as the Goblin chief.

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