Prepare for battling in the new Blade & Soul update called Scarlet Tears

Prepare to battle the hideous doctor and his bloodthirsty creation in the new Blade & Soul update called Scarlet Tears

Blade & Soul Scarlet Tears

Scarlet Tears, the new massive update for Blade & Soul launches on May 15th. It promises lots of new stuff to the game, such as the final two chapters in the Temple of Succession questline, the new event, and also the new 12-player raid similar to ESO Trials. You will be able to keep on your game progress related to the Temple of Succession, now you should end a relentless plague, which is turning dwellers of the Stratus Empire into “rage-filled horrors.”


When you accomplish the Temple of Succession, you can proceed to the new Scarlet Conservatory raid. In the Scarlet Conservatory there will be 12 players, fighting against “a challenging series of bosses,” two of them are the frightening Graft Titan and The Dowager’s Doctor. The Graft Titan has a past of a Stratus Soldier, but due to The Dowager’s heinous practices he has turned into a bloodthirsty monster, and your task to destroy him, as well as put the hideous experiments of The Dowager’s Doctor, which always looks for new victims, to the end.

But before you start your Scarlet Conservatory mission, you will participate in the Dragon’s Bounty event, where you can upgrade the accessories and get some useful rewards, for example the Reborn costume and the Cryo Phoenix Illusion Weapon.

Check out the teaser below.

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