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New balance patch in Black Desert Mobile has been released.

So, the good news for Black Desert Mobile is that a new balance patch has been released, which has made a few changes to Blade Master, as well as a few bug fixes and more.

The developers provide the context for this rebalancing. They note that the average damage across all classes has increased. This means that the Blade Master’s specialty, which is higher damage from quick combos, has decreased in price. So this rebalancing is designed to counteract that. They also added a new skill called the Resonant Blade.

Here are some (but not all) changes in Blade Master:

[Resonant Blade] * Critical Strike chance increases by 70% for your next skill within 10 seconds of using two skills in the midst of [Rising Storm], [Squall], and [Rest in Peace].* If the damage caused by the Attack Reduction or Movement Speed debuff is reduced by 15% for 10 seconds when using skills.

Rising Storm· Changed the value of [Rising Storm]”Knock on successful hit “to”Roll back on successful hit”.· Added [Stream: Blue cloud]. [Stream: Blue Cloud] *

Deals the same damage as [Rising Storm].* Deals 50% PVP Damage.* Additional attack when holding the skill button.* Super Armor when using a skill (not applicable in the Arena)· Knockdown on a successful hit.

[Flow: Counterattack] * Deals the same damage as [Retaliation].* Attacking guard when using the skill.* Super Armor during the last strike.* Stun on the first hit.* Knockdown on the last hit.

Bug fixes include fixes to the system, characters, settings, PvP, lore, and pets. In March, Black Desert Mobile received the Shai class. And in February, Archer and Fletcher met.

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