New update for Black Desert Xbox One will endow you with new powers and weapons

black desert awakening

Awakening free content update came to Black Desert Xbox One, bringing the whole new way of fighting your enemies. Discover your past to unlock your future!

Awakened Form

All ten classes have got an ability to be Awakened, which boosts their powers, giving new skills and weapons. While fighting, characters can switch on/off the Awakened form, they can performance a variety of new combos, causing more damage.

To Awaken a character, you need to reach level 56 first and complete a special quest from their Black Spirit. In that quest you will explore the secrets of your past and challenge them to finish the quest. Once you’ve done, you will be granted with a mythical weapon.

In addition, new community-led events have started.

Awakened Classes

You can read the information on Awakened states for classes below:

Dark Knight

The Vediant allows the Dark Knight to summon the Vediant Kriegesmesser and the Phantom Blade of Vediant. With this power, they are capable of delivering a series of melee attacks, absorbing black energy and performing ranged attacks.


Lahn destroys her enemies with the Crimson Glaives, two swords connected with chains. Her attacks gain more power and strike a large area, giving her explosive potential.


Striker boosts his martial arts skills with the massive Gardbrace. The weapon allows him to physically manifest his Ki in the form of Echo Spirits, which attack during special moves and pummel enemies from all sides.


Wielding the Crescent Blade, Musa attacks with huge swings, leaving nothing but a trail of defeated enemies in his wake. His swift movement and mastery with the blade make him a true warrior after awakening.


The Great Sword allows the awakened Warrior to unleash his true potential. A key melee combatant who switches between his weapons to deal and block immense damage.


The Ranger imbues her Elemental Sword with the Kamasylven spirit to deal critical damage at close range.


A dreadful blade, the Scythe channels the Sorceress’s dark magic into a hidden weapon that inflicts fatal wounds.


The Iron Buster is a one handed cannon that sits within the Berserker’s hand. Although it was created by Ancient Dwarves, the Iron Buster is wielded naturally by the Berserker, offering him range and destructive power.


The Godr Sphera is a magical tool that summons Marg, the guardian of Fire, and Arne, the spirit of water. With these by his side, the Wizard is able to cast powerful destruction spells on his opponents.


The Aad Sphera is a magical tool that allows the Witch to summon Gorr and Tett, guardians of earth and lightning. The tool allows her to accelerate the casting of destructive spells, resulting in more damage to enemies.

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