Neverwinter’s forthcoming Undermountain update is reaching us tomorrow

Neverwinter’s forthcoming Undermountain update is reaching us, devs promies some new adventures and rivals


Many adventures await you folks in Neverwinter’s future Undermountain update, and the game’s latest dev blog talks about one of the ultimate calls players will must go through — the Lair of the Mad Mage. Weird, but you will not face the Mad Mage Halaster Blackcloak in this quest but two of his disciples, Arcturia and Trobriand. Elder Scrolls Online also has an update rolling out soon, so be sure to check it out.

The first of them to appear is Arcturia, a “powerful lich and master of transmutation magic.” She’s almost as mad as her teacher and “cannot abide normalcy and consistency, so [she] transforms herself, her surroundings, and other creatures around her into warped variations of their previous selves.” Not only with Arcturia you’ve got to fight, but with her menacing, deformed minions too, which wait for her beck and call. As developers report, to win in this encounter “will require coordination, timing, and a healthy fear of butterflies.”

Once you survive this fight with Arcturia, your next and ultimate rival will be Trobriand, the Metal Mage. Although he’s born human, Trobriand “grew to despise the frailty of flesh” and created an iron golem into which he transferred his mind and soul, freeing himself from his mortal body bounds — a gift that he now wants to grant to each dweller of Faerun. That won’t be easy to take down Trobriand and his menagerie of magical constructs , if you will, the great rewards await you.

The expansion launches on April 23rd, you can find more information on the game’s official site.

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