Neverwinter announced the release of the announced update “Sharandar”.

After a short delay, the developers of Neverwinter announced the release of the previously announced major content update “Sharandar“, which marked the beginning of a new story campaign consisting of three consecutive episodes, made like”The Redeemed Citadel”.

The first stage of this narrative line is called “The Iron Tooth” and offers adventurers to visit the reworked location of Sharandar, where they will restore the connection between Fairywild and Faerun, which was carried out with the help of the so-called Fairy Crossroads. Also, brave heroes can visit the dungeon “The Vault of Stars”, fighting there with three bosses.

While PC users already have the opportunity to once again save the fantasy world, console owners are forced to wait for a similar update for another month, until March 16.


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