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Myth of Empires mixes MMO survival with mass battles

Myth of Empires mixes strategy game and MMO to fight massive battles in the Far East – even if you play solo.

Now you can fight huge battles in the vast online world of Myth of Empires. Because on October 2, 2021, the closed beta for the sandbox game starts, in which you build your own empire, besiege castles and go into battle with huge armies! But don’t worry: even if you prefer to play solo, this is something for you!

The unique mix of survival MMO and Mount & Blade comes from the independent developer Angela Game. They concentrate on creating titles for hardcore fans who are characterized by their fresh ideas. Its core development team, T’ien-Kung Studio, is responsible for the implementation. Veterans who have been active in the industry for more than ten years work for it.

A combination of MMO and strategy

Myth of Empires is an MMO of a different kind. It starts like many other survival games and you just collect things like food, but it develops into something much bigger as the game progresses. Because you don’t have to ally yourself with other players.

Instead, you build your fortress with the help of NPCs. This also makes other tasks easier for you. You are allowed to go out with an ax and collect wood yourself, but you can also pass this work on to your computer-controlled comrades. In short: you just let others work for you!

Mass battles thanks to NPCs: But the cardboard comrades are not only suitable as cheap labor, they are also the backbone of your army. Because to take an enemy castle, you need an impressive armed force consisting of different types of soldiers and siege weapons.

Players as generals: Although you fight directly in the battles as a player, you should rather see yourself as a kind of ruler who plans the construction of his empire and commands the troops. Because although you can simply act as a simple soldier and fight in the army of your friends, every player can lead his own empire thanks to the NPCs.

A fresh setting for a new kind of MMO

Battles in the Far East: Even with its setting, the game goes in a different direction. You are not fighting in a world that is based on the European Middle Ages. Instead, it goes to a Far Eastern area that is very much based on ancient China.

This world is torn from war and you start at the bottom of the food chain. At first you are only fighting for bare survival and have to satisfy simple needs such as hunger before you work your way up, lead your own empire and make strategically important decisions.

Your fortresses, which you can freely assemble piece by piece from numerous individual parts, will also fit into this world and accordingly have a thoroughly Asian touch. It is up to you, however, whether you copy the functionality of the historical castles or align them with the Western model.

Everything you need to know for the beta

The closed beta is a big step for the developer to realize this vision of the game. Because it is the first global beta test and adds a lot of new content to the title compared to the previous alpha and the localization test.

In the closed beta test, you will not only explore new environments such as snow-capped mountain landscapes, deserts, swamps and more, you can also take a first look at the siege battles that are taking place at the district, provincial and fortress levels.

Myth of Empires does not have a release date yet. Before the official release, however, there will be an early access phase, which should last about a year. The team wants to use this to get feedback from the community and improve the gameplay.

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