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Multiplayer shooter Lemnis Gate will soon be in Game Pass

From September 28, 2021, Lemnis Gate, a unique mix of genres, will appear in Xbox Game Pass: a turn-based first-person shooter.

Lemnis Gate is one of the games that you can play Day 1 directly in the Game Pass. So you get one of the most innovative PvP shooters that has appeared in recent years. Because the little indie title breaks a genre boundary that nobody expected.

Fast shooter played in rounds

It combines the brisk multiplayer battles of a Quake with a time warp, Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons and turn-based combat. What at first seems like an impossible endeavor makes a lot of sense once you take a closer look at the game mechanics of the title.

25 seconds per round: In the 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 battles at Lemnis Gate, you have 25 seconds in each round to reach your goal. You pull alternately. First it is the attacker’s turn and must reach a target on the map, then the time is reset and the defenders can prevent the attackers from doing their job.

With a time loop it remains exciting: Then the time is set again to the beginning and it is the attackers’ turn again. But now they control a new character who fights side by side with the one from round one. So you provide your own teammates. And all of this five times!

Character classes create chaos

So even the basic game idea can already convince. But Lemnis Gate doesn’t stop there. Instead, it combines all of this with a total of seven different character classes, each of which has its own loadout and unique skills.

  • Kapitan: assault rifle and grenades
  • Toxin: toxin cannon and teleporter
  • Rush: Dual SMGs and Dash
  • Striker: sniper rifle and slow motion
  • Deathblow: rocket launchers and mines
  • Vendetta: Shotgun and turrets
  • Karl: Laser and energy shield

In order to use the individual skills correctly, you always have to remember in the game at what time you were with which character and at what location and also pay attention to what your opponent has done in the previous rounds.

How does a match in Lemnis Gate play?

Anticipatory play is the most important thing in Lemnis Gate. Because instead of going straight to the goal, you have to build up a whole time loop. You then gradually take on the role of each team member and you also have to react skillfully to the actions of your opponents.

In the first round you can use Vendetta to build up your defense and place numerous turrets on the map. Your opponent will watch you in spectator mode during this time. In his own circle he can then prevent you from doing so. After all, the turrets otherwise limit his range of motion.

Instead of going directly against your opponent in round two, you can then choose Rush and just worry about scoring points. If your rush is prevented in future rounds, you switch to Karl and defend your striker.

Strategy meets shooter

What sounds like a very confused concept at the beginning is actually a very exciting strategy shooter. And anyone who fears that the title may no longer attract enough players in the future is well advised to simply try it out with the Xbox Game Pass.

However, a lack of players should not be a major problem. After all, it’s enough if you just find one friend who wants to play along. And since the matches are turn-based, he can also be in a completely different country. Because lag shouldn’t be a problem here!

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