MU Online throws a bunch of events and offer a variety of gifts on its 10th anniversary

mu online 10th anniversary

It’s MU Online 10th anniversary and Webzen has some special gifts in a form of a few events and some deals on the game store.

The Events

Several big events, Evomon Hunting Event, Evomon Ranking Event, and Mystic Gift Box Event started on May 21st and will last until June 4th.

The Evomon Event will let players apply summoning scrolls to summon an Evomon and upgrade it. All you need to do is to collect fragments and combine them.

The Special Boxes

Also you can get one of three gift boxes with some useful items inside, like in-game gold. Get your boxes in the shop, the each one consists of a Small Box (10 GP – Purchasable every 24 hours), a Normal Box (20 GP – Purchasable every 48 hours), and a Unique Box (1000 GP – Purchasable once.)

To get these boxes you should purchase1,000 Goblin Points which at very affordable price.

After this 10 years of launching MU Online can boast 56 million registered users, which is quite an achievement, so no wonder the celebration is perceptible.

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