MU Legend’s last update brings new Black Phantom class and other features

mu legend update

Gates of Glory, the new update for MU Legend has arrived with several changes into the game, the big one is the new class called Black Phantom was added, which are powerful female mages and the specialty of this class is AoE damage.

Other Inclusions

  • the addition of the Rebirth system
  • improvements to several systems
  • class balance and monster adjustments
  • three new dungeons
  • the addition of Ancient Tier 5 Wings
  • crafted Unique Weapon Chest that can yield Level 80 Unique Weapons
  • a continuation of the story
  • two new locations: Noria and Litenberg
  • level cap increase to 80


“To celebrate the arrival of the Gates of Glory update, the MU Legend team has arranged various events: players can look forward to the Black Phantom’s Fortune event that rewards the achievement of level goals with Bound Redzen, and to the Invite Your Friends event that encourages playing MU Legend together with friends through giftboxes and level rewards. A Black Phantom Special Attendance Event, Support Chests for new and returning users as well as Noria’s Expedition Note Part 2 will provide players with valuable growth support items, and server buffs will increase EXP and drop rates even more for fast levelling up.”


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