MU Archangel and R2M will go beyond South Korea

Webzen’s representatives shared they’re working on grand MU Archangel and R2M updates. It was also announced their oncoming international promotion, but no exact dates were named. They told not only about asian countries like Japan and Taiwan, but also about the whole globe.

More than 5 Webzen Blue Rock and Webzen Black Engine studios’ new games are being developed nowadays. They’re not only MMORPG, but also sports and casual ones. The company wants to increase and enliven its portfolio this way. The release of the internal game on the base of MU Online univesre is also planned for the second half of the 2021. It’ll be released right after its title and release date confirming.

As Webzen’s CEO added, that it’s hard to name exact release date because of incessant coronavirus pandemic and multiple postpones of release as a result.


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