Albion Online: Morgana’s challenge was returned to the game

Morgana’s Challenge from Albion Online: comeback


Sandbox elements returned to Albion Online together with Morgana challenge. Players are able to earn points in open world activities in order to get chests with loot, an avatar frame and a special mount.

Morgana’s Raven is a flying mount with a massive intimidation skill. Despite having wings, he’s unable to fly over obstacles and follows the same routes as regular horses do. Obviously, it was made to maintain the balance.

The avatar ring is a non-transferable frame of fire which can be used just for one character. Speaking about chests, they can be mined during the whole month completing everyday tasks. Adventurer books, bags with silver and new Morgana-themed furnishings are among the awards.

Challenge points can be earned by gathering, fishing, farming and killing monsters.



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