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More or less diverse PvE and PvP content in New World.

So, New World, like any other MMO, contains more or less diverse PvE and PvP content. In this short article, we will study in detail everything that can somehow be attributed to the Player vs Environment element of the game.


One of the more or less rather complex PvE activities, designed for a group of 5 players, and, unfortunately, in 2021, the developers decided to do without a player selection system at all. In other words, you will have to search for people in the world chat, guild or among friends. The expeditions have a recommended level and for the very first \ noob it is desirable to reach level 25. Expeditions are, as it were, dungeons, simply called by an unusual term. Now there are only 6 dungeons in the game, each requires a special item “Tuning Orb” to start, it is created on the “Stonecutting table” crafting machine from various resources. Also, at least one player in the group must have an Azoth staff.

  • Amrine Tuning Orb-opens access to the” Amrine ” expedition. It is located in the Windsward location.
  • Depth Tuning Orb-opens access to “The Depth ” of the expedition. It is located in the Restless Shore location.
  • Starstone Tuning Orb-opens access to the” Starstone Barrows ” expedition. It is located in the Everfall location.
  • Dynasty Tuning Orb-opens access to the” Dynasty Shipyard ” of the expedition. It is located in the Ebonscale Reach location.

The dungeons are located in different parts of the game world. To start, you will have to run to the entrance. As for the reward: in the dungeons, players can get the equipment specified in the activity launch interface.


There are only 4 types of quests in the game:

  1. Plot-happy standard and will ask you to kill X opponents, kill a special enemy, find an item, collect items, run to the specified location, etc.
  2. Side-again, the standard additional quests, for which they give out various useful items, equipment. Also, at least one quest allows you to improve the player’s personal hiking camp to level 2.
  3. Fractional-allows you to get a special fractional currency for buying good fractional equipment, ammunition and useful items. Quests are divided into two types – PvE and PvP, of course, for the second they give 2 times more currency. The tasks of PvE quests are reduced to kill, bring, collect and, perhaps the most terrible thing, they are often repeated. In other words, for example, players can be sent to perform one and the same task 3 times, but in different places.
  4. City Projects are a special type of quests that appear when at least 1 project is active in the city. Here players will be asked to kill X opponents, kill a special enemy, craft a unique item, get X items, find X items in Y locations, get X resources. For these quests, they give out just a ton of experience and a special territorial reputation.

Unfortunately, at least on the current PTA, the most useful quests are urban projects, since you can get about 1-3 thousand experience in just a few minutes. The fact is that the task of the most profitable projects in terms of experience is reduced to create an item according to a recipe or bring X resources. Of course, you can simply buy resources at an auction or collect them manually after spending a few minutes, and experience is given out as for completing story quests, the execution of which can sometimes take several tens of minutes. Although on the other hand, even if you quickly reach level 60, you will still have to pass story quests, since they open access to the Azoth staff – this is an important element of equipment, and its subsequent improvement.

PvE arenas.
An activity in which 5 players in a small arena will have to fight with a fairly strong boss in theory – Spriggan. To launch the arena, players will also need a special item ” Tuning Orb” and at the time of writing this article there are only 3 of them:

  • Protector’s Tuning Orb-opens access to the “Protector’s” arena. It is located in the Reekwater location.
  • Siren Tuning Orb-opens access to the “Siren Stand” arena. It is located in the Reekwater location.
  • Despite the very strange description, based on the icon of the object, this is most likely also an arena.
  • Like the dungeons, the arenas are located in different parts of the game world. To start, you need to find the statue and then start the activity.
  • From the arena, you can get gold, experience, an Azoth resource and a chest with equipment, from which, as I understood, a legend can fall out.

Corrupted Breaches.
Rifts are unique events that occur randomly around the world. They are divided by level from 25 to 60, into two versions-single, group and 4 types:

  1. Infested Grove-the task of the players is to destroy a huge tentacle, and then use the Azoth staff to destroy the core, which is guarded by two opponents. Since the tentacle has 4 attacks – throw a projectile, throw two projectiles in a row, hit the ground, hold a shot forward, it is quite easy to kill it from afar, dodging the projectiles that it throws with pauses.The process of destroying the Azoth core with a staff looks like this – we approach the core and hold the E button until the cast strip around the circle reaches the end.Depending on the level of the fault, you will need an Azoth staff of 1, 2 or 3 levels.
  2. Festering Hive-is a small structure. The task of the players is to destroy one of the doors of the structure, simultaneously fighting off opponents, and then using the Azoth staff to destroy the core hanging from the ceiling. There is a mini-boss inside the structure, which in theory should prevent players from destroying the core, but it is not necessary to kill it, since it is enough to bring it out.
  3. Corrupted Monolith-the task of the players is to destroy the core armor near the monolith, and before that it is desirable to destroy all opponents. Next, using the Azoth staff, you need to destroy the core. Opponents that appear immediately after the destruction of the armor can be killed or kite while the other player casts.
    Group version – before destroying the armor of the ball, you will have to use the Azoth staff to destroy 3 towers with balls. Next, we perform all the actions from the single version.
  4. Corrupted Portal – in the regular and group versions, the task of the players is to first kill two elites, destroy several waves of opponents, then kill the final mini-boss and use the Azoth staff to break the core near the portal (ring).

A crimson fog appears around all the faults, it significantly reduces the visibility range and gradually consumes the scale of damage resistance. After the scale drops from 60 to 0, the character will instantly receive solid damage, and the scale will be updated and will again begin to decrease from 60 to 0. You can restore the scale simply by leaving the area of action of the fog and special potions, they also increase the resistance to damage for a short period of time. As a reward for fractures, two types of chests are issued immediately after the core is destroyed:

Small-contains 1 random piece of equipment. Moreover, the grade is also determined randomly.
Medium-contains 2 random items of equipment and 2 special resources that are necessary to create a Tuning Orb.

Let’s finish the article with an endgame activity for level 50+ players. Invasion is a unique activity that is available only at a certain time, an alert about an imminent invasion can be seen on the map or right during the game. For example, today at about 21 and 22 Moscow time, there will be an invasion of the cities of the locations of Weaver’s Fen and Windsward. The essence of the activity is as follows:

  • Players need to protect the city gates from 8 waves of opponents.
  • Each new wave of opponents is more difficult than the previous one.
  • The opponents are divided into 6 types and each has its own special role.
  • In the case of, so to speak, “complete” death, players will be resurrected only on the next wave of resurrection and in the course of activity, the waves will become less and less frequent. In other words, players are required to pick up fallen comrades as quickly as possible.
  • By killing opponents, players get the activity currency. It can be spent in a special store ” Armory” for various potions, ammunition (arrows and bullets), traps and other useful items.
  • Inside the city, the “Siege Supply Generator ” building gradually generates a special resource that is used to create, improve and repair buildings. Various turrets can be built on the walls of the city, and various auxiliary structures can be built inside the city.
  • If the opponents break the gate and capture the control point inside the city, the players will lose, otherwise they will win.
  • In case of defeat, the territory where the city is located falls into decline, which is expressed in a decrease in the level of structures .Regardless of defeat or victory, players get experience, gold, Azoth resource, reputation with the territory where the city is located and the invasion box.In general, Invasion is probably the most interesting and at the same time large-scale PvE activity, but it’s a pity that the developers decided to create a barrier around it “only for 50+ levels”.

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