Monster Hunter World’s trial is out & its new DLC Iceborne is announced

Monster Hunter World’s trial is out until end of May; the game’s new DLC Iceborne will go live on September

monster hunter world iceborne

It’s time for PS4 owners to try Monster Hunter World’s trial version for free! If you’ve been seeking for a right moment, it’s now, you can take your chance until May 20.

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Trial Features

The opening section is available for you, and your progress will remain, in case you keep the game. The free trial also provides the introductory part for newcomers to not get lost and two of the five locations from the full game, the Ancient Forest and Wildspire Waste. Plus, all the ongoing quests will be available with several new ones: optional quests, investigations, event quests and challenge quests are open for you. You’re able to play with full version owners as well.

To get you more interested, Monster Hunter World is one of the best in its console generation, you can expect breathtaking battles, terrifying monsters and impressively looking game universe.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Along with the trial version of Monster Hunter World, its new expansion called Iceborne was announced. The new DLC will kick off on September 6 for consoles and the version for PC expects on 2019/20 winter. Monster Hunter: Iceborne already can be pre-ordered for Xbox One and PS4. Check out the trailer and introduction video about upcoming with new update monsters below, and maybe you will decide that aforementioned free trial is also a good opportunity to gain some skills for this Iceborne bomb.

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