Monster Hunter: World's all ready to celebrate the spring season

Monster Hunter: World’s all ready to celebrate the spring season with Spring Blossom Festival

Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World is thriving due to the spring came to its reality, which it’s time for the annual Spring Blossom Festival again, which has come to the Celestial Pursuit: ceremonial floral dressings, seasonal sales, new springtime fashions, and sure, the event quest extravaganza.

During this event, which has begun yesterday and will end on May 16th, players can head to the Celestial Pursuit, enjoying the spring blossoms and participate on plenty of limited-time event quests. Plus, together with Spring Blossom Fest quests you will be able to accomplish almost all earlier released event quests; it’s time to buy some materials for any event-specific facilities you would miss out on.

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Besides, limited gifts will be offered daily perhaps, less likely weekly, while the event is live, and players can accomplish event quests to get specific materials that can be applied to craft different exclusive Spring Blossom Fest gear. The Handler and known-well cuddly costumed pig, Poogie, will take their parts on the celebrations too, with all new spring outfits.

This festival will also force the daily rewards for logging into the game, so players will get two whole Lucky Vouchers as well as “a little bonus surprise” just for coming. In case you want to restock your supply chest with not burning through all of your zenny, track all the sales at all of Astera’s space, which will be happening from time to time during the festival. The spring gear sets, Handler outfit, and Poogie costume are only will be active until the end of event on May 16th until the next festival at least, so hurry up!

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