Monster Hunter: World will get a proper dynamic difficulty system

Monster Hunter World coop

Monster Hunter: World is a fantastic game and mainly, is equally as good when played in co-op. However, there has been one noticeable issue with Monster Hunter: World’s difficulty scaling since it came out.

The Issue

Monster Hunter World players will know that monster difficulty scaling in co-op can be ha. As it stands, the game has two settings; one for solo play, and another for co-op. The scaling affects monsters’ health, which dictates how long/hard the fight is going to be.

The only problem is, if you start a co-op game with three other players and someone disconnects, the fight will inevitably get harder. This also means two-player hunts are inherently more challenging than four-player hunts, since monster health is the same in both.

The Solution

The new dynamic difficulty system will fix that. So if you go into a hunt with a teammate and they get disconnected, you won’t be stuck in a fight scaled for multiple players. In addition, two-player hunts will have a different level of difficulty compared to three or four player sessions. This system will roll out later in 2019 for all owners of the main game and will also be part of the new expansion.

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