Monster Hunter Online: it all slowly is coming to end

Monster Hunter Online

Sorry, but there’s bad news for Monster Hunter Online fans. Tencent has said that the game will be closed at the end of the year. For China only MMO entry in Capcom’s popular action-RPG franchise, which first started 4 years ago, was the result of a deal between Tencent and Capcom. The studios have decided not to update, so the result is the game’s shutting down.

Well, why actually Capcom and Tencent have decided to let their contract overlook and end Monster Hunter Online isn’t clear for sure. Maybe the game didn’t make a profit or gain popularity, or it might be China’s restraining game-regulation practices are the reason, which last year made Tencent to close Monster Hunter World sales in China after the studio’s license to operate was canceled in the region.

Monster Hunter Online will be functional until December 31st, but for now there’s already no registration or purchases, so at this point, current players are just locked in to wait for when it all ends. But if you’re a Monster Hunter Online player with an active account, which is rare, you can continue you monster slaying business till the end of 2019.


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