Mobile MMORPG Axe: Alliance vs Empire is coming to western market

Axe NA

Game developer and publisher Nexon has announced that theri mobile MMORPG Axe: alliance vs empire is coming to North America sometime later this year.

According to general manager of Nexon mobile Tommy Lee game was designed to bring best parts of modern PC and console MMORPGs to mobile platform.

Players can choose from 6 classes with array of weapons and abilities that should help to diversify different playstyles. Stardart (for PC/Consile) MMORPG social features are also in place.

Axe has 75vs75 PvP combat mode that should appeal to players who like large scale PvP. For more competitive setting you can also go to arena pvp.

PvE features world bosses, group dungeons and raids.

AxE Announcement Trailer:

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