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MMORPG Crowfall brings mega servers and first discount campaign

Crowfall celebrated its official release in July 2021. Now there was the first major update for the MMORPG, which above all attaches importance to the fact that players can better participate in PvP. There is also a discount campaign to get the Buy2Play title cheaper.

What’s happening at Crowfall right now? Crowfall celebrated its release on July 6th. The MMORPG places a lot of value on PvP, but at the beginning also had to take a lot of criticism.

It should actually be an MMO that plays like a season of Game of Thrones and thus brings a breath of fresh air to the genre. But there was a lot of criticism about the release, mainly related to the performance, the interface and the tutorial.

These problems and the repeatedly postponed release are said to have meant that hardly any player was online at the start.

But now the first update has been applied, which is supposed to fix some of these problems. The focus is primarily on the mega-servers and new hotspots, through which players in PvP should meet enemies more frequently.

New mega-servers are supposed to improve the PvP experience, but the servers are still poorly attended

What’s in Update 7.100? The big feature of the update is “Global Conquest”. This is intended to tear down the “barriers between the worlds”. In plain language: Instead of being played on different servers, the PvP campaigns Dregs and The Shadow are now held on a mega server where all players meet.

The 3 new “Hot Zones” are in the same direction. These are places where there are particularly strong opponents, who in turn bring particularly good loot. This is where the players should end up, which at the same time means that more PvP is played in these places.

The update also contains:

  • New places where traders and other NPCs have settled
  • An adaptation to the victim system
  • Some fixes and gameplay adjustments
  • “Significant performance improvements”

While the mega-servers are a good change in and of themselves so that players can encounter their enemies more often, there is also criticism. Because actually several servers should run next to each other and offer different seasons and rules. In an interview with Massively, Gordon Walton revealed that they want to stick to this mega-server system for a few months, but then possibly switch back to several scenarios at the same time.

Are the servers full now? The game now only offers one server for each campaign. Both the server for the faction battles and the one for the GvG each had the population “Light” (green). That doesn’t speak for overcrowded servers.

Gamers also only met one person in the starting area for new characters. That is not too much either.

However, the developers have started a new option for trial accounts and a discount campaign if you have a friend who already plays Crowfall.

Crowfall offers trial accounts and a 25% discount

What will change for newcomers? Crowfall is a Buy2Play MMORPG, which means a big hurdle to get started. With the latest update, however, the “Recruit a Friend” system has been expanded.

Anyone who already plays Crowfall can send friends a link where they can play the MMORPG for 10 days for free

If you then want to buy it, you will get a 25% discount via the Reflink. With this method, at least the fans of Crowfall can more easily generate new players for the MMORPG.

What is the future of Crowfall? In an interview with MassivelyOP, Gordon Walton revealed that further updates are already being worked on to implement the feedback from the players. The goal is to bring more fun to Crowfall’s PvP. However, he did not reveal which changes are specifically planned.

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