MMORPG Chimeraland: play the animal creature you always wanted to be

MMORPG Chimeraland: play the animal creature you always wanted to be

A new MMORPG for mobile and PC called Chimeraland was recently introduced. In it you explore the mystical countries from an old Chinese literary work and make fantastic animal beings as characters.

What is Chimeraland? Chimeraland is an upcoming boosting MMORPG for PC, Android and iOS. It will provide an open world that you can explore freely. You will encounter all sorts of wacky critters and mystical places that were taken from the ancient Chinese literary epic Shanhaijing.

What are the highlights of Chimeraland? According to the developers, you can build a character from a myriad of options in Chimeraland. In addition to boring people, crazy animals are also possible. So if you’ve always wanted to run around as an animal person, fox creature or strange bird, then Chimeraland should become your game.

You can also find and catch all kinds of fantastic animals in the game. According to the first announcement, you can somehow eat the critters and so incorporate their abilities, but that is associated with a risk.

What is the Chinese legend about? The old Chinese literary epic Shanhaijing (classic of the mountains and seas) is a kind of travel guide through the mystical countries on the other side of the Chinese border and there is pretty much everything that has rank and name in the Chinese mythical world. So look forward to flying whales, phoenix birds, nine-tailed foxes and even crazier critters.

When is Chimeraland coming? There is currently a closed beta (via the Chimeraland website) on Chimeraland, but it’s only available to people from Canada or the Philippines. A release date or local betas are currently unknown. In addition to iOS and Android, the game should also enable crossplay to PC.

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