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Minecraft brings big “The Wild Update” 2022

During Minecraft Live 2021, the team announced the new update for Minecraft for 2022 with “The Wild Update”. It brings a major boat upgrade, frogs, tadpoles and new mangrove swamps. The deep dark area is also part of it.

What’s the new update? Minecraft will publish the second part of the “Caves and Cliffs” update later this year. But new content is also on the plan for 2022, called “The Wild Update”.

The focus of this new content is the wilderness with new creatures such as frogs but also new mechanics. We’ll show you first insights into the update here.

“The Wild Update” – All content, release, boot upgrade

When is the release? So far, it is planned that the update will appear in 2022. An exact release date has not yet been determined at this point in time.

What changes? The big “The Wild Update” celebrates the unearthly wilderness of the sandbox game. To do this, change the swamp biome so that you can find frogs and their spawn there. Tadpoles and fireflies are also part of the game.

You can also get the tadpoles out of the water in a bucket.

Depending on the biome in which the frogs grow up, they can take on different types and colors. It is planned that each type of frog will bring the player a different advantage. It is currently unclear what advantages these are, as the frogs are still being developed.

The fireflies can snatch and eat frogs from the air with an animation. Mangroves are a new type of tree in Minecraft for the first time. You can pick their seeds from the trees and then plant them again underwater or on land. The new mangrove swamp biome is full of mud.

New blocks: In the mangrove swamp you can find the new mud blocks with the update. You can make them with dirt and clay blocks in combination. Alternatively, you can build them out of mud. If you pour water on a block of dirt, it creates a block of mud. The special thing about these blocks is that you sink in a little when you stand on mud.

Important boot update: Minecraft players have been waiting for a mechanic for a long time and “The Wild Update” finally brings improved boats. After the release it is possible to place boxes in boats. You can then fill it with loot on your travels over water and then take it home with you.

The Deep Dark and Warden – release now in 2022

What is it? The “Deep Dark” biomes were actually part of the Caves and Cliffs update, along with the new adversary “Warden”. But the Minecraft team announced at Minecraft Live 2021 that this content is now part of “The Wild Update” and will be released in 2022.

The new opponent “Warden” was already announced at Minecraft Live in 2020. The warden is blind and responds to your vibrations. You have to know that about Deep Dark: You can expect new Sculk blocks and Sculk sensor blocks. The latter can perceive vibrations.

Then there are Sculk-Schreier-Blocks, which apparently can “scream”. Anyone who dares to venture into the deep-dark areas despite these creepy opponents can be richly rewarded there. Because there you will find boxes with loot that you can only find in the deep darks.

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