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”Mid-year Carnage” in The Elder Scrolls Online.

While the announced annual adventure “The Gates of Oblivion” will begin only in March, with the release of the expansion “Fire of Ambition” studio Zenimax Online offers users of the MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online to take part in the”Mid-year Carnage”.

This PvP event will last until February 9 and will earn a special reward, which includes pages of the style of the ebony-steel knight and the Second Legion, double experience and alliance points, and Gift Boxes. In addition, a Laurel Wreath is awarded for completing all the achievements of the event. Also, by fighting on the battlefields and taking part in the battles for Cyrodiil and the Imperial City, you can get the event tickets you need to buy a new pet – an unstable morpholite, and improve it further.

By the way, those who once did not have time to replenish their collection of pets with a fiery Dwemer spider, again got this opportunity.

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