Microsoft Flight Simulator: Big Sim Update 5 is here

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Big Sim Update 5 is here

Asobo Studio releases the Sim-Update 5 for Microsoft Flight Simulator as a download – matching the release of the Xbox Series X/S version. The patch notes are now available – and with them details on the changes and innovations. The focus of the update is on “significant performance improvements” with better multi-core CPU support and optimized memory and GPU usage. The Sim Update 5 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 also brings new features.

The focus of the update is a performance boost, which should ensure better frame rates and faster loading times. The developers had already presented the technical innovations in a previously conducted stream. At that time, CEO Sebastian Wloch showed a comparison between Sim Update 4 and 5 – based on an optically complex scene in Manhattan.

With a resolution of 4K, a little more than 30 frames per second can be recorded in the Manhattan scene under Sim Update 4. The same flight under Sim Update 5 brings around 60 fps to the screen, in the most computationally intensive areas a little more than 50 fps can be seen. In the patch notes, the developers announce that they have optimized the multi-core support for CPUs as well as memory and GPU usage. Individual jerks are said to have been noticeably reduced with Sim Update 5.

In addition to the performance optimizations, the update also contains individual features that are primarily aimed at newcomers. It includes exploration flights to places of interest as well as improvements in exploring the world. The world map therefore contains satellite images, markings and the names of individual sights, which should make exploring the game world more pleasant. In addition, the training flights have been revised to make them more accessible.

From now on, you will also discover the flight assistant in the toolbar, with which the AI ​​can be switched on in no time during a flight. For example, you can set which attraction the AI ​​should fly you to – and enjoy the view while doing so. You can find more details about the Sim Update 5 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 on the developer website.

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