Meet a new big update for Dauntless tomorrow! Trailer and major changes


Dauntless will see a new update, the Path of the Slayer, on April 24th. In their new video blog, developers reveal all the main changes will be brought to the game, such as rebuild of a core progression, they also introduce the new Mastery System, with which options weapon was customized and “updates to the hammer, pike, sword and chain blades”.

“With our rework of quests and progression, Slayers will now get the info they need to start mastering skills early on. We’ve structured our starter quests to put rookies through the basics and updated our tutorial cards with new graphics and cleaner instructions.”

The more of those changes will come to the Hunt, which will be most easily able to spot on the Map menu. Once you hit “M”, you will see what Hunts can start now and in general right from the interface.

Truly, that’s a huge update that promises some long-awaited changes to the game.

Check out the trailer below:

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