Mass Effect: Legendary Edition – Sales of the title exceeded EA expectations

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition has been available in stores for a few months now, and gamers all over the world were probably far more impressed with the title than Electronic Arts had assumed.

When Electronic Arts released the Mass Effect Legendary Edition in May 2021, the title had some technical problems, which is why many fans were a little frustrated. The developers have now fixed these problems in numerous updates to the delight of the players and the title finally plays as it should. The Mass Effect Legendary Edition currently has around 15,000 user reviews on Steam, 91% of which are positive.

This is once again a success for the series, which was a bit forgotten with the release of Mass Effect Andromeda. The title was not received very well by gamers and plans for future DLCs were discarded relatively quickly. Cosplays are also said to have been complicit in the failure.

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The fans of the original trilogy would not be put off by something like this and were looking forward to the remaster of the three Mass Effect titles. In fact, sales of the game turned out to be even better than Electronic Arts expected. The CEO Andrew Wilson explained the pretty good last financial quarter of Electronic Arts through the great success of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition and the surprise hit It Takes Two.

“The franchises we create are built to last. The release of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the remaster of the first three Mass Effect games, rekindled the passion of fans around the world, and the title sold far more than we did expected. “

BioWare has already confirmed that they are working on a new Mass Effect offshoot and that it is believed to be related in some way to the original trilogy. Liara, who also appeared in Mass Effect Andromeda, is said to return, for example.

With the “overwhelming” success of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition – and the severe failure of Mass Effect Andromeda – the developers will probably go much more in the direction of the old parts with their new title.

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